Ad Infernum

by flammeusgladius

Ad Infernum


Et vinum laetificat cor hominis….”

–Ps. 103:15.

Justice is better, lad, than alcohol.

It warms my heart to know you’ll go to Hell.

You protest that’s a tough call?  Not at all!

You’ll go — and, when you do, a golden bell

Will ring forth in my heart; bright hymns will swell

Within me; I shall know true happiness.

No longer will time’s rough and ready spell

Govern me.  “God repays!” I shall confess.

What happens next is anybody’s guess.

That is a joy I dare not look beyond.

It may be I’ll deserve those flames no less

Than you, who of your lies are so damn fond.

It may be I’ll be placed right next to you.

Get your ass ready for a kick or two!

–Tom Riley