A Pencil in the Hand

by flammeusgladius

A Pencil in the Hand



(for Alvin Guevarra)



“Smith sat very still, staring into the calm brown eyes of death across a polished table of Vietnamese rosewood.”


–William Gibson, Neuromancer.



A pencil in the hand of Alvin, folks,

Is ninety times as deadly as a gun

In the hand of a lesser man.  Love jokes?

Well, don’t laugh now – because this isn’t one.

Onto that point he focuses a ton

Of force.  That guy can kill an elephant.

Indeed, we know of greater deeds he’s done.

The wise man never mutters: “Alvin can’t.”

And now there’s no more need to rave and rant.

If you do not believe, these words in lines

Won’t make you.  Shall I waste my breath?  I shan’t.

I’ll fix my mind on loftier designs.

The pencil’s in his hand.  Don’t get the shakes.

Remember: Alvin doesn’t  make mistakes.



–Tom Riley