Marissa Joins the Crew of Spaceship Earth

by flammeusgladius

Marissa Joins the Crew of Spaceship Earth


(for Marissa Amador)


This day – what was it?  twenty years ago?—

The beautiful Marissa joined the crew

Of Spaceship Earth.  And we’re all pleased to know

That she is here.  Before she was, who knew

That summer skies could ever be so blue,

That autumn winds could ever be so cool?

We stumbled through our pain without a clue

And lived hard by a heavy, leaden rule.

But now we’re going to a lighter school,

And all our conversation’s elevated.

Now, for a while, the world is not so cruel.

Now, for a while, our spirits are elated.

She keeps those existential doubts in line—

And, when she’s in the room, the air is wine.


Happy birthday!


Tom Riley


30 September 2012