Goddess Type

by flammeusgladius

Goddess Type


(for Bailey Sciambra)


A humble mortal bound by iron chains

As we are?  Ha!  That’s what we always knew

You weren’t.  No matter what our brawn and brains,

We mortals always fall apart on cue.

But, even when you do what mortals do,

You rest beyond the reach of what is weak

In us, what really doesn’t have a clue,

What looks up and beholds a sky gone bleak.

I do not say that, in this, you’re unique.

Freya indeed, and Isis, spring to mind

As members of your club.  Not far to seek

Are more, athwart our frailty aligned.

Some who regard you can’t help being frightened.

I gaze at you and feel my burden lightened.


–Tom Riley