It’s a Job

by flammeusgladius

It’s a Job


(for Cate Harmon)


My job now is to disagree with Cate—

The only job for which I’m qualified,

Apparently.  To face unfriendly fate,

To triumph when philosophy’s applied—

To these tasks man is called.  Whoever lied

And told you that such things need never be

Served you a foe that could be well defied,

A foil with which the soul could disagree.

So, controversial Cate, lay into me

With all your sense and all your trenchant wit!

It may be you know better.  We shall see.

If you do, I won’t start admitting it

Till aging heart no longer dares to throb.

It doesn’t pay that much – but it’s a job.






18 October 2012