Superman versus Batman

by flammeusgladius

Superman v. Batman




(for Grace Cortright)




It’s clear that Batman is the better man—

For Superman is not a man at all.

I labor to explain this when I can—

But, when it comes to Grace, truth hits a wall

It can’t knock down.  Like Spiderman, I crawl

Upward.  I shall surmount this falsehood yet!

But, as I climb, the wall that started tall

Grows stratospheric, infinite.  I’ve set

My purpose firm.  I’m certain I have met

The burden of convincing argument.

Yet finally I find I’ve lost my bet—

For Grace rejects my works, withholds assent.

Down from that wall I fall right on my face.

(I only take this kind of crap from Grace.)





–Tom Riley