De Defensoribus Latinae

by flammeusgladius

De Defensoribus Latinae


(for Maria Ferguson)


“Hoc dicens ferrum adverso sub pectore condit




Who will stick up for Latin?  You and I,

Maria, stand elected by the Lord

To offer Heaven one great battle cry

And charge ahead with one sublime accord.

The ignorant have mindlessly ignored

The shining language that made Virgil great—

So, like Aeneas, we take up the sword

And do our bit for Rome’s eternal fate.

Though it is true I come to battle late,

I have youth on my side, love, thanks to you.

Infirmities of age for now abate.

Your smile has made me almost good as new.

Righteous we are – and therefore furious.

Barbarians were fools to mess with us.


–Tom Riley