Olympic Wrestling

by flammeusgladius

Olympic Wrestling




“Training alone will not a victor make.

To seize on skill of any kind is hard.

But, when you carry forth this highest prize,

Shout aloud with the greatness of your heart

That, by the ordinance of God, this man at least

Was born with valor’s brilliance in his eyes.”


–Pindar, “Ode to Epharmostus, Victor in the Wrestling,” trans. T.R.



We got rid of that wrestling stuff—

But held on tight to rhythmic dance.

Rhythmic gymnastics?  Close enough.

The point is that, as times advance,

The future’s vast and bright expanse

Puts an end to the past’s dull claims.

We have to take another stance.

These are the new Olympic Games.

Excellence – chief among the aims

The old Olympics targeted—

Is something that our own age tames

And even cages till it’s dead.

A natural aristocrat

We bind and smother.  Wrestle that!



–Tom Riley