Ring of Power

by flammeusgladius

Ring of Power



(for Grace Cortright)



My love, cling fiercely to your Ring of Power—

And don’t let wizards talk you out of it!

Halflings may take effete advice and cower—

But, on your hand, the Ring should be a hit

Forever.  You don’t need your strength and wit

Enhanced?  That’s true – but lots of things are true.

In place of the Dark Lord, a Queen would fit—

And who’s a better candidate than you?

List all your enemies – then do and do

And do!  When they are wailing, I shall cheer.

About your wrath they need to get a clue

That they may have a proper sense of fear.

Yeah, yeah: you’ll turn to evil – but I smile

When I imagine your malicious style.






–Tom Riley