Praeses Scholae Optimus

by flammeusgladius

Praeses Scholae Optimus



(for Frank Navarra)



Planned – though unplannable – piano riffs.

Announcements from a sky not yet constructed.

You supplied life – and we, the lucky stiffs,

Enjoyed the symphonies that you conducted.

I will not say that we were thus instructed—

Though maybe there were some of us who were.

Our schedule was the brat that you abducted—

And for his absence now we thank you, sir.

Rarely does such a mad event occur.

Rarely does chaos end in such elation.

Of just such rarities the minister,

You made us cheer your wild administration.

You were indeed, ungovernable lad,

The best damn president we ever had.





–Tom Riley


(Nota: No slight is intended here to Sean Thornton, who was student body president at a later date.  Sean was an example to us all.  But Frank alone of all students ever seized the title “President of the School” — the way Alaric seized Rome.)