Ghost of Wendy

by flammeusgladius

The Ghost of Wendy





(for Wendy Cravalho)





Jesum novi et Paulum scio: vos autem qui estis?




She used to be a really busy ghost.

On the screen, her extreme activity

Was visible – unstoppable, almost.

We stared, we shook, we blanched, we thrilled to see.

When exorcists showed up, they seemed to be

Flustered, without resolve.  They didn’t stay

Long enough to impress appreciably.

The spirit drove the exorcists away.

And we were secretly relieved.  Today,

Without the help of any exorcist,

The screen is still – and so it means to stay.

Emptiness grips us in a solid fist.

The apparition ends – as instants will.

The ghost of Wendy’s ghost will haunt us still.








–Tom Riley