Flammeus Gladius

Carmina et Verba pro Discipulis Meis

Causa Spei

Causa Spei



(for Sheri Yee)



The night that I met Sheri Yee,

Conservatives were suffering.

The dark sky chuckled at our plea.

The future’s angels wouldn’t sing.

For there were facts – and did they sting!

The nation’s leader was a flake.

The GOP was dithering.

Liberty snored and didn’t wake.

But Sheri Yee brought chocolate cake.

In Bloomberg’s spite, I had my share.

Will voters learn, for Heaven’s sake?

To make predictions I don’t dare.

But to despair I won’t agree.

There’s hope.  I just met Sheri Yee!



–Tom Riley

Infantile Yell

Infantile Yell






He will be, if he wants to be, loud.

He’ll expect the whole world to be cowed

     By his infantile yell.

     When it’s not – what the hell?—

He will not be a fraction less proud.






–Tom Riley