Ornamenta Marissae

by flammeusgladius

Ornamenta Marissae


(for Marissa Amador)


Maxima ornamenta esse matronis liberos, apud Pomponium Rufum collectorum libro sic invenimus: Cornelia Gracchorum mater, cum Campana matrona apud illam hospita ornamenta sua pulcherrima illius saeculi ostenderet, traxit eam sermone, donec e schola redirent liberi, et ‘haec’ inquit ‘ornamenta sunt mea.’

–Valerius Maximus, Factorum et Dictorum Memorabilium, Liber 4.4



The matrons in receipt of all the riches

That Rome could grant a gal in that great day

Were thrice offended – imperceptive witches –

By beautiful Cornelia’s noble way

Of being free.  For her, no bright display

Of ornament, no boundless decoration:

Her pulchritude was there, and there to stay,

Admitting no adornment.  For her station

Was lofty, and her spirit’s aspiration

Exceeded all that craftsman’s art could add.

Her presence was sufficient celebration.

Her smile could drive a jealous goddess mad.

Oh, all that ostentation was for fools!

She nodded toward her kids: “These are my jewels.” 



Happy Birthday!




30 September 2013