Best and the Brightest

by flammeusgladius

The Best and the Brightest




Our President has called upon the Lords

Of Tech – but can they save his stupid plan

From itself?  Glitches rise like zombie hordes.

Log on?  Enroll?  It seems that no one can.

Geeks: every one of you must play the man

And make a straight path through the screwed-up code

That Barack hired some foreign also-ran

To write!  Obamacare must not implode!

Remember: in a fairy tale, the toad

Merits a princess kiss, becomes a prince.

If you do well, Michelle may well unload

A heap of lip on you.  Does that convince?

Sebelius will smooch you too, I bet.

(I meant that as a promise, not a threat.)




–Tom Riley