Non Introibo

by flammeusgladius

Non Introibo



(for Paul Moser)



“Anastasio papa guardo,

Lo qual trasse Fotin dalla via dritta.”


–Dante, Inferno, Canto 11, Lines 8-9.



When I’m amongst the churched, I must confess,

Of churchmen I can take a dismal view—

And body forth in all contrariness

The sort of stuff that might make doubtful you

Chuckle.  When learned bishops give the cue,

I do not rush to give the common cheer.

To me, such unity’s an old left shoe.

To me, such doctrine’s flatter than flat beer.

But, when I’m with the doubters, my sincere

Dissent melts just as certainly away.

As Grand Inquisitor in my own sphere,

I strive to rule for God the wayward day.

The clubhouse opens.  I do not go in.

I’m not sure – but it’s probably a sin.




–Tom Riley