Lions Are People, Too

by flammeusgladius

Lions Are People, Too


(for Marissa Amador)


Marissa, when I read your post,

I wept, as true hearts do.

How could you write such hurtful things?

Lions are people, too.


Like us, they raise their little cubs

With love – and they are blue

When people curse them in cold hearts.

The differences are few.


What?  Do you find them dangerous?

Your charity renew!

The lion doesn’t mean you harm.

He’s really just like you.


Extend your hand in friendship, girl.

Give him a cuddle, too.

Have faith in lions.  He’ll respond.

His heart is warm and true.


Predation he will lay aside.

You’ll have no cause to sue.

You’ll put him on your Christmas list.

At last, you’ll have a clue.


You’ll see that lion, grizzly bear,

And mighty tiger, too,

Are all our friends – or want to be,

If we just give the cue.


Of LGBT amity

I’m full.  Ah, what a crew!

I’m sure that we can get along.

They all are people, too.


And, if I have the details wrong,

If predators anew

Regard me as a tasty meal—

Well, that’s no cause for rue.


Ecology demands that flesh

Must join the common stew.

Cattle are eaten every day—

So why not people too?


It’s only speciesism, vile

And very far from true,

That draws this line between our lives

And those of elk or gnu.


All these distinctions disappear

(I say good riddance, too)

If guy or gal just tries to see

The lion’s point of view.


So California’s laws are right

To shield our lions too

From bullets speeding through the air—

Whatever flesh they chew.


Circle of Life: remember that?

If you do not, I do.

And would you shoot the Lion King?

I can’t believe it’s true.


You’re far too kind for that, my dear.

To lions you must coo

In tones as gentle as a dove’s.

Your policies review!


I trust I’ve fed you food for thought—

A sort of vague fondue.

Never forget this principle:

Lions are people, too!





–Tom Riley