Flammeus Gladius

Carmina et Verba pro Discipulis Meis

Month: February, 2014

Murder Train

The Murder Train



I never road the Murder Train before.

Now, rushing toward my deadly destination,

I find that destiny can be a bore

Even when bound for wild assassination.

Since I am sure that you’ll be at the station

Waiting for me to do what I must do,

Waiting for ultimate decapitation,

I find no thrill or mystery in you.

You are a chore.  I should have known.  The clue

Was always audible in all your lies.

You are the sort to go extinct on cue.

In growing witless, you have proven wise.

In offering no fight to make me care, you

Have pretty much compelled my hand to spare you.



–Tom Riley

Congressional Conflict

Congressional Conflict



Yes, in conflict, they seem like spoiled brats—

Or they bark like small dogs, wail like cats.

     I prefer conflict, though,

     To a cheery hullo

From united, aloof autocrats.



–Tom Riley

Success Story

Success Story



As a fraud, he’s succeeded for years—

Nay, for decades!  So many careers

Are thus rooted in lies.

He appears to be wise—

And the foolish accept what appears.



–Tom Riley





He thinks scotch is a glorious thing.

Ah, its beauty he knows – not its sting!

     But he’ll shortly pass out.

     When he wakes, he won’t doubt

Simple water is actually king.



–Tom Riley

Gift of Time

The Gift of Time



Well, you got that right, sir: I abhor you.

And my malice, I know, doesn’t bore you.

     But don’t drown in your fears.

     You have hours, days, and years.

There are many in line, sir, before you.



–Tom Riley





“Will tomorrow be better?  It may

Be a glorious day: so I say!

     We must all cling to hope!”

     “What?  Don’t talk like a dope!

Your last bearable day was today!”



–Tom Riley





“We simply have a different point of view.”

Yes: you maintain it’s A-OK to lie.

“Is that the way you look at it?  Oh, you!

We simply have a different point of view!

In realms like these, there is no false or true.

It’s all in how you look at things – or try.

We simply have a different point of view!”

Yes.  You maintain it’s A-OK to lie.



–Tom Riley

Unanimous Vote

Unanimous Vote



“We vote against reality!” they cry.

I’m pretty sure that it’s unanimous.

The confidential cronies of the lie?

“We vote against reality!” they cry.

“The bully Truth we link arms to defy!

We do not find the facts attractive.  Thus

We vote against reality!” they cry.

I’m pretty sure that it’s unanimous.



–Tom Riley

Subject to Editing

Subject to Editing

Folks, his résumé’s wisely redacted.

You do not want to know how he’s acted.

     Does his image seem strong?

     Then go blithely along!

Any wrong that he’s done, he’s retracted.

                    –Tom Riley

Graduate of the Program

A Graduate of the Program



He knows nothing – as surely you see.

He knows nothing: it’s quite clear to me.

     From the neck up, he’s numb.

     His remarks are plain dumb.

But he did earn the proper degree.



–Tom Riley