De Domina Gloriosa

by flammeusgladius

De Domina Gloriosa



The Countess Blacula is in attendance.

Behold the splendor of her party dress—

And pass the photos down to your descendants!

$12,000 – not a penny less!—

Went to ensure that pundits would confess

Her as the ultimate in rich attire.

Hers is an opulence you can’t suppress.

Hers is a state to which you can’t aspire.

Applaud!  All who refuse incur her ire!

The IRS will audit their returns.

Pretend that her appearance wakes desire—

When really it is mortal dread that burns

In your poor heart!  She rules – and you are mud.

She’ll drink your future up, if not your blood.



–Tom Riley