by flammeusgladius

The Libation

“I tried to save the Shire, and it has been saved, but not for me.”

Once he had sacrificed his everything,
Pity and Providence stepped boldly in:
The Quest was rescued! Gondor’s sudden king
Would rule an last. The new age could begin.
That’s the way that the little people win.
They pour their essence out like a libation
Until there’s nothing left – a loss akin
To the effulgent instant of creation,
But subject to the poor priest’s limitation.
And, oh, was Frodo limited! His will
Was broken right in half. No reservation:
The contents of his being had to spill
Into the conflagration with the Ring.
Only a shell was left for rescuing.


Happy Downfall of Barad-dûr!


25 March 2014