Lone-Nut Theory

by flammeusgladius

The Lone-Nut Theory



(for Bruce Miroglio)



I myself like the Blakey theory best.
You know: the one where sparkling JFK,
the King of Camelot, just flunked the test
the Mafia applies. They stay away
from honest cops. Oh, yes — but on the day
a cop takes bribes or favors, then he’s theirs.
They’re not the kind of group you can betray.
They strike back. You’re the President? Who cares?
But I’m aware I’m just assuming airs.
My knowledge of the case does not go deep.
The details of the President’s affairs,
if I attend to them, put me to sleep.
Still, if you’re right, I feel resentment’s sting:
we lone nuts get the blame for everything.



–Tom Riley