De Ira Marissae

by flammeusgladius

De Ira Marissae



(for Marissa Amador)



The wrath of Mrs. Amador descends–
and all the stubborn earth recoils in dread.
The ordered orb that foes relied on ends.
They face an all-reordered orb instead.
And which of them can hope to go ahead
under the crashing thunder of her ire?
In a brief count of seven, all have fled
the atmosphere of overarching fire.
To wield such wrath myself I don’t aspire,
Marissa: in my heart, I couldn’t trust
my motives, though a condescending choir
of angels cheer me on: “You must! You must!”
You go ahead, though. I’d be terrified–
except you know I’m always on your side.



–Tom Riley