Death of Dracula

by flammeusgladius

The Death of Dracula



(in memoriam Christopher Lee, d. 7 June 2015)



With all those lamebrained heroes, I pursued
your undead ass across a continent.
Against you, we were waging not a feud
but a crusade so clear and heaven-sent
that a poor bloke would cease to be a gent
if he declined complete participation.
As stuffy as the rest, I was content
to dash along without much cogitation.
Oh, and we caught you, Dracula! Elation
descended on Van Helsing and his crew.
Quincey croaked — but then, that’s a hero’s station.
Mina was rescued from the likes of you.
I started to assess the price we’d paid.
We’d lost you, Count — and what a role you’d played!



–Tom Riley