Things Are What They Seem

by flammeusgladius

Things Are What They Seem



A wise man that I know wants me to see
That in some cases things are what they seem.
Quite readily, thus guided, I agree—
And rush to join the plain and simple team.
The world is plainer than the plainest dream
And simpler than the dullest simpleton.
Wits never have to twist in an extreme
And subtle way. Our clearest problem: none.
But I don’t find this simple world much fun.
Where are the convolutions of the plot?
Where are the mysteries that, one by one,
We hurl ambitious minds against – or not?
Sage of direct perception, if you’re right,
My eyes weren’t made to see by such a light.



–Tom Riley



(First appeared in The Lyric, v. 95, n. 2, Spring 2015.)