No Retreat

by flammeusgladius

No Retreat



(Katha Pollit sub caelo vacuo loquitur.)



O brave pro-choicers, don’t apologize
for slicing little babies into bits
and haggling over livers, hearts, and eyes!
Do not give in and throw reactive fits!
Be bold, O heroines! Engage your wits
to demonstrate the hollowness of claims
made by Neanderthal religious twits
as they advance their chauvinistic aims!
Only wrongheadedness unbounded blames
a doctor for dismembering a child
and, when engaged in scientific games,
letting imagination wander wild.
From bio-exploitation do not budge!
You needn’t fear a Non-Existent Judge.



–Tom Riley



(The poetess Katha Pollitt instructs pro-aborts on the defense of baby part peddling.)