Prelude to a Defeat

by flammeusgladius

Prelude to a Defeat



(for Regina Phelps)



I missed your birthday, Supergirl. The weight
of villainhood was heavy on me then.
A list of petty evils was my fate,
none of them such that you, bright citizen
of solar skies, would need to fight me. When
that list was done, another list ensued.
To drudgery I had to say amen.
I reined in an expansive attitude.
But now it’s time our battles were renewed.
I’m planning to destabilize the space
in which all words exist. I know it’s rude–
but I so want to see your earnest face!
You have to stop me, right? The same old story:
defeated, I shall gaze upon your glory.



–Tom Riley



(Second place, Napa Town & Country Fair, 2015.)