A Fine Bromance

by flammeusgladius

A Fine Bromance



(Blog-monger Mark Shea wants Bishop-elect Barron to “forge a relationship” with pro-abort Stephen Colbert.)



What can a harried bishop really do
with pro-aborts? He has to take a chance
and forge a new relationship on cue.
He has to cultivate a fine bromance.
So the irenic Shea, with feeling, pants.
Why, pro-aborts who love Planned Parenthood
are Christian brothers, too! Let us advance
to give them manly hugs! Hey, it’s all good.
Barron would hug a thousand if he could–
but, since he can’t, selects celebrities
as bishops and as bloggers always should.
Mark Shea’s heart, filled with charity, agrees–
though he won’t share this bright, bromantic spark:
just watching will be thrill enough for Mark.



–Tom Riley