De Vita et de Libro Frontis

by flammeusgladius

De Vita et de Libro Frontis



(for Aja Kane)



“Life sucks — and so does Facebook!” I exclaimed
when first I went, this dismal day, online.
Reasons were far too many to be named.
I could have faced a dark and dire design–
but a chaotic foe without a spine?
A vast and swelling mass of mindless chance?
Meaningless contradiction, ja und nein?
I couldn’t bear again to face that dance.
But wait! Right in the midst of this expanse
of madness, overburdening my brain,
joy and hope trounced most every circumstance:
I’d just been friended, folks, by Aja Kane–
and with my fate I now am well contented.
This has to be why Facebook was invented.



–Tom Riley