King of the Franks

by flammeusgladius

King of the Franks



(for Frank Navarra)



Were I to bring a man-bag into Mass,
there is no doubt that I’d be tempting fate.
I would look like a hopeless candy-ass,
the kind of punk that Mars can’t help but hate.
But such cannot be said of Frank the Great.
His T-shirt’s striped; he’s wearing shorts, not pants.
And man-bag? Yes — but don’t you deprecate!
He masters every challenge, every chance.
Like Genghis Khan, he conquers an expanse
of territory no one would believe.
His loyal armies every day advance.
Snicker just once and you will shortly grieve.
Impending doom he punches on the nose–
and fills his man-bag with the skulls of foes.



–Tom Riley