Enter the Leprechaun

by flammeusgladius

Enter the Leprechaun



(for Colleen Carter Duncan)



For dragons they are ready, all those Micks–
and, after all, dear film fans, Bruce Lee’s dead.
The Big Boss is himself skilled — not at kicks,
but at the kind of brawling that instead
his countrymen prefer. He’ll bust a head
and chug a foaming Guinness both at once.
Though you might say he looks a bit well fed,
he always does his own impressive stunts.
But he and his whole gang, giants and runts,
are no match for Colleen’s well-tutored feet.
She stomps it out of them, all that affronts
what’s right and just. They only know defeat.
The art of Irish dance she understands.
She tells Our Lady: “Mother, look: no hands!”



–Tom Riley