Costume Party

by flammeusgladius

Costume Party



It’s Lena Dunham, suety as sin
and funny as a pimple on my ass.
She’s thinking that Planned Parenthood is “in.”
She’s opting for a costume crude and crass.
She’ll be a killer of a different class–
a smug and murderous abortionist.
That sure fits in with Jack the Ripper, lass:
it’s clear you’ll make the gory costume list.
Enhancements I suggest must not be missed.
Go buy a baby doll, dismember it,
let it with crimson paint be amply kissed,
then glue the bloody limbs, you ugly shit,
to the white coat that you are pleased to wear.
From fellow monsters you’ll win praise to spare.



–Tom Riley



(Actress Lena Dunham will be a Planned Parenthood abortionist for Halloween.)