Gruss vom Krampus

by flammeusgladius

Gruss vom Krampus



(for Rhiannon Smedley)



I sent you, Rhi, a Krampus in the mail–
a little figure causing Christmas dread
for children who exceed their bounds or fail
in duty. Black where Santa Claus is red,
and elsewhere too, the Krampus moves ahead
of kindly and indulgent Old St. Nick.
Into his realm of anguish brats are sped.
Good children grin and think he’s pretty slick.
The message I intended: was it sick–
a threat to picture-perfect Smedley kids?
In dark, unwholesome boxes did I stick
those paragons — and then nail shut the lids?
Nay! Here is what I meant and what I mean:
on Christmas, the best gift is… Halloween!



–Tom Riley