Tons of Fun with Attila the Hun

by flammeusgladius

Tons of Fun with Attila the Hun


(for Marc Gigantelli)


This is a children’s book I’ll never write–
part of a series not to be completed,
sort of like Limbaugh’s series, but not quite.
My kid who travels time will end up greeted
by history’s wild monsters. The whole key
will be to show our little hero growing
to like each savage host excessively
while the poor reader cringes, sick and knowing.
A rape on horseback never understood,
a game made of the torture of a martyr,
a village burnt to ash: hey, it’s all good!
The kid’s a dope; the reader, though, is smarter.
Attila smiles to fool the lame-brained lad.
Keep this in mind: “Attila” translates “dad.”



–Tom Riley