During the Feast

by flammeusgladius

During the Feast



“For they said, Not during the feast, lest there be an uproar from the people.”



–Mark 14:2.



The Feast of Death was shortly to begin.
He’d never fed on anything like this
before. Encouraged by his mother, Sin,
and thinking satiation happiness,
he seized the chance he didn’t dare to miss
and made a meal of Him Who Made All Things.
Was that enough? In Hell, there is no bliss,
not though the plate contain the King of Kings.
The poison of omnipotence still stings
that proud consumer as he goes about
his gluttony. His father spreads vast wings–
but from his limitations can’t flap out.
Dessert’s an indigestible confection.
The Feast of Death concludes with resurrection.



–Tom Riley