Government by Decree

by flammeusgladius

Government by Decree


“Incitato equo, cuius causa pridie circenses, ne inquietaretur, uiciniae silentium per milites indicere solebat, praeter equile marmoreum et praesaepe eburneum praeterque purpurea tegumenta ac monilia e gemmis domum etiam et familiam et supellectilem dedit, quo lautius nomine eius inuitati acciperentur; consulatum quoque traditur destinasse.”


–Suetonius, Caligula, 55:3



The Lord Obama governs by decree.
He orders crazy things: we must obey!
We shall accept pansexuality–
and, if we don’t, he’ll make sure that we pay.
From his celestial throne, he has his say.
Our duty here on earth is to adore.
To him alone are we allowed to pray.
He is the one who keeps the truest score.
Criticize him and you become a bore
at first — and then a criminal, of course.
I say we should have seen it long before
today. Joe Biden’s dumber than a horse–
but he’s Barack’s V.P. America,
I think we’ve found our own Caligula.



–Tom Riley