Matchmaker, Matchmaker

by flammeusgladius

Matchmaker, Matchmaker



“Hey, ladies: breed with all these foreign males
that we’re importing!” cries the Heir of Peter.
“They may smell worse than beached and rotting whales,
but, once you breed with them, they’ll seem much sweeter.
My plans are neat. Oh, nothing could be neater!
Europe’s fecundity will be renewed!
These guys deliver semen by the liter!
Hey, ladies: have the proper attitude!
Ishmael is back and wants to see you nude.
(You sluts already show a lot of skin.)
With him you shouldn’t fight a pointless feud.
Give it up, bitch! When he knocks, let him in!
Your duty here can never be escaped.
If you decline this offer, you’ll be raped.”



–Tom Riley



(Pope urges Europeans to breed with refugees.)