Caring Is Daring

by flammeusgladius

Caring Is Daring



Obama wants the GOP to care
and give him every penny he demands
to “fight the Zika virus.” They are there–
as every commentator understands–
to give him money. Guys: no ifs, no ands,
no buts! Just fork the funds that don’t exist
over! You have to finance all his plans.
If you don’t, then his lordship will be pissed.
But other urgencies are on my list.
Defund Planned Parenthood, you spineless twits!
Even Obama, with his flimsy wrist
and his irrational, pre-programmed wits,
should know those baby-killers can’t be spared.
He would support defunding — if he cared.



–Tom Riley



(Obama: GOP will make with the Zika funding if they “really care about pregnant women and their babies.”)