Seminal Influence

by flammeusgladius

Seminal Influence



Somebody spilled his seed on Mark Shea’s brain.
I do not ask the culprit to confess.
When Mark is in the mood to entertain,
the room gets really crowded. What a mess
ensues when guests, excited, coalesce!
In such an orgy of insemination,
in such an overflow of more, not less,
who can assign each little spurt its station?
The point is, Mark embraced the inspiration
that followed from this momentary spill.
Such is the source of Mark Shea’s cogitation.
Don’t judge, dear reader. Just accept the thrill.
This was the most unlikely sperm of all,
the target being so extremely small.



–Tom Riley



(Catholic blog-monger Mark Shea explains his creative process.)