Under a Vulcan Sky

by flammeusgladius

Under a Vulcan Sky



That punk Mark Shea presents as Mr. Spock?
Ha! What a case of self-misunderstanding!
His phoney cheer, his gut and ass expanding,
His furry face, his phrases slack and stock,
His self-important tone, always a crock,
His presence unreserved and uncommanding,
His klutziness, on face forever landing,
His heart a fraud, his head a hopeless block–
What in space could be more the opposite
Of Spock, Kirk’s right-hand, logic-citing guy?
Mark Shea resembles Spock in neither wit
Nor wisdom. Folks, this image is a lie
Of the sort Shea adores more than a bit.
The list grows and affronts the Vulcan sky.



–Tom Riley



(Catholic blog-monger Mark Shea adopts Leonard Nimoy’s Spock as his Facebook profile picture.)