Idiot Savant

by flammeusgladius

Idiot Savant



Today the bulbous bonehead’s a “savant”!
Some Aussie outfit’s certified him thus.
What more could such a dull pretender want?
Idiocy becomes imperious!
Out of that skull will yet more pointless pus
Be drained: it will infect a brand new land.
Shea will declare what others might discuss.
Is ignorance what readers there demand?
O Soul, remember: truth is not outplanned
By falsehood! And, if falsehood’s slack and fat,
It exercises even less command.
No editor, deceived, can alter that.
One short stint past, the Aussie crowd will see—
And Shea will be no more than Shea should be.



–Tom Riley



(Planned Parenthood ally Mark Shea becomes columnist at Australian Catholic journal.)