Oral Presentation

by flammeusgladius

Oral Presentation



Guys, have you heard the latest thrilling news?
Madonna wants to give a little treat
To those who back her Clinton-licking views
And vote accordingly. She will complete
A whole Lewinsky, serious and sweet,
On any lad who hastens into line.
With tonsils well-conditioned she will greet
All qualifying organs. No, not mine:
That kind of thing is not in God’s design
For stubborn, stodgy voters such as me.
My politics I shall not redefine—
Nor is that place a place I want to be.
Still, she may suck you off, the fucking whore.
(Now we know what Paul Ryan’s angling for.)



–Tom Riley



(Aging hag Madonna offers “blowjobs” to men who vote for aging hag Hillary.)