Another Victim

by flammeusgladius

Another Victim



“I’m not in drag that often,” said Mark Shea.
“So I’m not much on guard against his kind.
I stepped into the elevator, way
Unready in my body and my mind
For what that beast might do. And now I find
I’m tortured by the frightful memory.
The Donald groped my triple-sized behind!
The Donald said he had a yen for me!
Now I’m charged with acute dishonesty
By surrogates who want to shut me down.
But I am speaking out courageously!
A bearded tranny isn’t just a clown
Or just a toy to give some masher skull!
Briefly, the Donald found me passable!”



–Tom Riley



(Note: This sonnet details a fictitious event. Planned Parenthood ally Mark Shea is not, so far as I know, a transvestite. He has never, so far as I know, experienced an elevator encounter with Donald J. Trump. But he does run on as if he had….)