Good Old Cap

by flammeusgladius

Good Old Cap



Captain America – or, well, the guy
Who plays him in the movies – took the side
Of Hillary, whose every word’s a lie,
Whose every screech is cause for suicide.
His mighty frisbee of a shield he tried
To put to work for Huma’s left-hand gal.
Knowing some wrongs must not be rectified,
He strove to be a loyal Clinton pal.
“Rally the nation to my side? I shall!”
He boldly cried aloud to skies of blue.
“Every Tom, Dick, and Harry, every Al
And Irving, every Sue and Tina, too,
Will follow me! Come, patriotic masses!”
America replied: “Cap, kiss our asses….”



–Tom Riley



(Chris Evans backed Hillary, decries victory of Trump.)