Avengers Disassembled

by flammeusgladius

Avengers Disassembled



Joss Whedon called Avengers to assemble.
Clintonites ruled that Marvel superteam.
But did the threatened bad guy start to tremble?
Not in the least. He hardly stopped to deem
Their challenge worthy of response. A beam
From Iron Man’s amazing high-tech hand
Had no effect – and Hulk strength, it would seem,
Was feeble in the face of what was planned
By neurons so nefarious. Unmanned,
Captain America and even Thor
Tasted defeat they failed to understand.
Black Widow too, that pretty little whore,
Sat helpless on her all-attractive rump.
They’d been crushed by the supervillain Trump.



–Tom Riley



(Joss Whedon’s failed ad for Hillary featured “Avengers” actors.)