Golden Realm Unearned

by flammeusgladius

Golden Realm Unearned



(for Bailey Sciambra)



Och! Was it Bailey Sciambra that I saw?
It was! It was! The world was overturned.
Its dull ruled surface shone with joy and awe.
At its core was a primal state discerned,
Brilliant and pre-lapsarian. I learned
That weighty fog and clouds of endless gray
Can part to show a golden realm unearned,
And long years yield to one unending day.
Och! Was it Bailey Sciambra? So I say.
Italian painters of the Renaissance
Never knew such a glorious display.
The wine of life sprang up from marble fonts.
My startled soul could only say amen.
(This happens to me every now and then.)





Thanksgiving Day, 2016