Villano’s Mom

by flammeusgladius

Villano’s Mom



Trump just insulted Steve Villano’s mother.
The Donald is in loads of trouble now.
He isn’t dealing with some helpless other.
Villano is the kingpin of ka-pow!
And he is having one tremendous cow
Over the soulless insult Trump produced.
Villano is preparing to allow
His most effective blog posts to be loosed.
In words of utter cleverness soon noosed,
The Donald will be choking in despair.
Villano will require no further boost
To beat vile Trump till Trump’ beyond repair.
The swollen ego at Trump’s core will shatter.
You say Trump didn’t do it? Doesn’t matter.



–Tom Riley



(Former Cuomo stooge Steve Villano pits Trump against sainted Villano mom.)