Almost a Saint

by flammeusgladius

Almost a Saint



Laetabitur justus cum viderit vindictam; manus suas lavabit in sanguine peccatoris.



Mario Cuomo: almost like a saint!
He offers me vast comfort when distress
Oppresses me in all my lowliness.
He rescues me from every painful plaint.
Enamored of his brand of crap I ain’t—
And wasn’t, I can tell you, when success
Greeted his obfuscations, more or less,
Escaping excommunication’s taint.
But now, in ways too glorious to tell
In detail, he uplifts me from the sphere
Of dire frustration, which I know too well.
The joy I feel will never disappear.
When life’s unjust, I think of him in Hell—
And then I’m filled with limitless good cheer.



–Tom Riley