Pope Francis versus the Fake News Demon!

by flammeusgladius

Pope Francis versus the Fake News Demon!



The pope is speaking out against fake news!
Only official sources should be read
Or listened to or viewed. Official views
Are sensible. Dissenting views instead
Cure quietude and stir the walking dead.
The pope hates asses who are full of shit
And spread it wide, no doubt by Satan led.
With him, fake news can never be a hit.
Fake news is giving him another fit—
And who can blame him? Francis, I’m with you!
Those fake news stories make me want to spit.
I howl at sites that do not have a clue.
I clicked on one this morning, vile and vain.
The headline read: “Pope Francis has a brain.”



–Tom Riley



(Pope decries “fake news” as form of coprophagia.)