Why Hillary Lost?

by flammeusgladius

Why Hillary Lost?


(The following appeared in Silver’s Dollar, Matt Silver’s limited-circulation snail-mail newsletter. I can’t vouch for the allegations made in the piece, but they do excite interest. There was no byline, which may mean that Silver himself was the author. A notice appeared after the print version: “Permission is hereby granted to reprint without attribution.” For the sake of clarity, I am attributing insofar as I can. But I claim no rights over this text. Copy and paste to your heart’s satisfaction. TR.)


Prominent Democrats Blame Bernie


On condition of anonymity, highly-placed officials in the Democratic Party are now telling select reporters that Bernie Sanders was a paid agent of Donald Trump’s presidential effort and was “even more responsible than the Russians” for Hillary Clinton’s unexpected defeat.

“We have hard evidence,” said one source, “that Trump was planning his presidential bid as long ago as January of 2013. Through intermediaries, he contacted Bernie Sanders, who after all was not a member of the Democratic Party, and promised him substantial, untraceable remuneration for entering the race against Hillary. The Sanders campaign was never intended to win, only to spoil party unity and weaken Hillary’s chances.”

Said another source: “We believe that Trump and the Russians were working in coordination with Sanders from the very beginning. They even anticipated the possibility of using the meme that Hillary and the party cheated poor Bernie. What Bernie’s supporters never knew is that they were working for Trump and the Russians the whole time.”

A third Democratic official added: “The Bernie Sanders campaign was the biggest fake news story of the election cycle, and the one that hurt Hillary the most.”

Sources said they were aware of how bad it sounded for Hillary to blame Sanders after a dozen other explanations had been given for her loss. “But facts are facts,” said one, “and the damage done by Bernie was evident for everyone to see.”

All sources insisted on anonymity, saying they feared a backlash from Sanders supporters who were “psychologically incapable of accepting the truth.”

The Trump transition team and GOP officials declined comment on the allegations.