Even If

by flammeusgladius

Even If



Even if it were proved by videos
Which Mark Shea watched a lot while masturbating
That all these scandals were just leftists hating
On Trump, as everybody really knows;
Even if it were proved that Mark Shea blows;
Even if it were proved that he’d been mating
With barnyard animals – excruciating
For them – before composing wretched prose;
Even if it were proved he had a thing
For leather outfits that exposed patoots,
For chunky ladies just about to sing,
For cauldrons boiling with the eyes of newts—
Even then, when his fantasies took wing,
I’m guessing he’d prefer male prostitutes.



–Tom Riley



(Planned Parenthood ally Mark Shea supports fake news story with phrase “even if.”


N.B. I do not versify on the material above because I think it’s true but only because I think it’s funny.)