Hacking Foiled

by flammeusgladius

Hacking Foiled



The Russians tried to hack the Boston bombing.
Invoking heaps of ethnic prejudice,
Their comments to our guys were far from calming.
They thought their so-called “warnings” couldn’t miss.
But Russian ass our experts wouldn’t kiss.
They knew that Putin lurked behind the shit
Those Russians tried to feed us. To the hiss
Of Russian snakes, our guys said: “Bugger it!”
They had Obama’s standards in their kit.
They knew that Muslim immigrants were dandy.
They knew that Russian “warnings” didn’t fit
Obama’s vision, sweeter far than candy.
They sneered at stupid Slavic doom and gloom.
The consequence was powerful: Ka-boom!



–Tom Riley



(Russians warned U.S. officials about Tsarnaev brothers.)